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by Ian James Music

Balcatta 04:32
Dallol 02:59
San Diego 05:13
Well, it’s been a wild evening/weekend in San Diego. I met so many people and characters in two days I want to not forget them all. I don’t remember all of their names, fuck Well, what I saw tonight was just a slice of America And it’s the best slice there is of America So many different types of people Every nationality coming together for music In a park outside in San Diego I looked around during the show. at all the faces and everybody was happy, smiling and dancing and into the music These are the people of America that I love. There was no politics there was no racism there was no real negativity for the most part. But I left the show early because I did get bad vibes from one particular individual I didn’t want to get caught up in anything being so far from home, Something I didn’t need to be involved in. So I removed myself from the situation that I thought could unfold in a negative way which is probably the best thing you can do when that shit arises. You have a flight or a fight……within you You gotta know when to run You gotta know when to hold em, and when to fold them (laughs) But you you gotta know when to run like Bob Marley said, So you can live to fight another day, Some things aren’t worth fighting for that got nothing to do with you so I just fucking said “fuck that I’m going back to my room”. I somehow found my way here through the haze of the evening, It wasn’t far, I didn’t have to go far thankfully, Your environments change you know, and your perceptions of the environment Especially when you’re in a foreign environment You try to take it all in, so you know your surroundings But when you get fucked up a little bit You might not know surroundings entirely because you’re not fucking from around here, so there’s that But uh, there was a couple in line at the VIP line and ah they were fun. Ya know, in that line because the doors, or the gates or whatever you want to call them opened at 4pm, and we had been in line before that, like maybe quarter of, but it wasn’t til like 4:30 before they really opened because they had some computer hiccups, but in the meantime I met a fellow from Philadelphia who flew out just for the show and I thought that’s cool you know because I’m coming in from Boston so we have these two east coast people that don’t know each other but randomly stand one by one in a line in San Diego for a show, solo you knowing flying and travelling alone to a place to hear music, it’s pretty weird the way that worked, but then there was a local couple right behind me in line an African American couple and they were just awesome She was like in her mid to late 50s say and she was just having a great time and she was saying that everybody had been through so much and they had been through so much in the last few months that this was their night out, I hope they had fun, I’m sure they did.


inspired by instrumental lounge, funk, blues and psyche jams played by artists like Beastie Boys, Skinshape, Tommy Guerrero, Quantic and Lack of Afro. Peregrination translates into "a long meandering journey". Each of these songs is a stop along the way. The opener Balcatta pays tribute to a suburb of Perth Australia, of the same namesake. Dallol references the baron ecological wasteland in Ethiopia, and San Diego was inspired by a September 2021 trip Ian took, to support his favorite Boston band The Elovaters when they opened for Slightly Stoopid at PetCo Park. Other Blue Fx Recording artists lend a hand on Casual Change and Sabertooth Sally, where the only tracks with lyrics come in, up until A Sand Diego Story which features Ian's own account of the night he had, recorded into his phone and layered over the instrumental track San Diego.


released June 11, 2022

Ian James - all instruments and writing except *Casual Change lyrics and vocals by Gearedmah, and *Sabertooth Sally arrangement, lyrics and vocals by Pariah Jones. Recorded in Lowell MA, Released on Blue Fx Records .


all rights reserved



Ian James Music

I'm a solo, one man band from the USA. My style is rock n roll with a modern touch and a nod to my influences Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, and Fela Kuti. My main weapon is electric guitar, and I use it almost semi automatically, to shoot down the notion that rock is dead. ... more

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