Beyond Reach - EP

by Ian James Music

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released June 11, 2014

Recorded at Native Cave Studios, Lowell MA
Mastered at Specialized Mastering Portland OR



all rights reserved


Ian James Music Lowell, Massachusetts

I'm a solo, one man band from Lowell MA USA. My style is rock n roll with a modern touch and a nod to my influences Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, and Fela Kuti. My main weapon is electric guitar, and I use it almost semi automatically, to shoot down the notion that rock is dead. ... more

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Track Name: Take Me Home
Dropped down on the open road,
ghost town that I call home,
wild dogs won't leave me alone,
they're biting right through my bones
sun sets and the wind, it blows,
broken down with a desert rose
picking up that scent again,
I can't believe the state I'm in.

Oh baby won't you take me home
oh baby please don't leave me alone

Is my mind playing tricks on me?
I can't trust what I see
Soundwaves and broken hearts
silver birds shooting through the dark,
I hear your voice
I can't see your face
electric fire in the blood I taste
roots growing from my feet
I feel so trapped
yet I feel so free


I'm digging deeper
now I'm in a pit
my chance to escape from this
the music plays on a purple plane
while the gang goes
completely insane
Rosie sings as Carol strums
Karen cries while Alexis hums
I close my eyes and I feel the spin
I can't believe the state I'm in

Track Name: Panic Attack
We dance in shadows behind the scenes
we give you nightmares and shatter your dreams
your every worry has become your truth
you willed this darkness and it took root


Its hard to see when you're walking the tight rope
anxiety kicks in and you're out of control
you try to breathe with a lump stuck in your throat
you can;t believe because you've already lost hope.

We knew you'd be there the short cut home
It makes it easy to get you alone
you grab the sky and try to pull it down
you come up empty only clutching a cloud

Track Name: Life Decisions
I need a minute to think
I need a second to sort this out
you've got me right at the brink
and I don't want to let you down
I know you need a decision
and I'm just sitting on a fence
I just pretend that I'm living
when so much is already dead

I don't know why I can't find just what makes me happy
you, I waste your time, you cut the line for that I'm oh so sorry

It all feels like a dream
with no color and with no sound
and I can still feel your scream
and it throws me to the ground
come on and make me bleed
give me all your anger now
I just ruined the scene
just by acting so damn proud

Track Name: People People
Brother Brother
Help me Please
I'm as lonely
as I can be
All me friends are scaring me
but if you forget me, then I will leave

Sister Sister
what can I do
I'm in love with tootsie too
please excuse me
If I am Low
But me feelings just have to show

People, people
Hold my hand
Where in the hell is this
Promised Land?

Float right past me
Ohh, I like your style
Seek it, seek it, seek it
Seek it, seek it, seek it
I'm here for a while

Mother, mother, so good to me
Praying just so I can breathe

My father, my father, the only one
I hope you're proud of this your son

People, people
Hold my hand
Where in the hell is this
Promised Land?

Float right past me
Ohh, I like your style
Seek it, seek it, seek it
Seek it, seek it, seek it
I'm here for a while
Livin' in the day now
Track Name: Calling After You
The night is calling after you
what do you do?
Streetlight is shining down on you
what do you do?
the feelings lost on you
honey its true
but I know you'll make it,
you'll break it open